Know about Penis Pumps Usage and Risks


There is a quote we came across, that’s quite apt, ‘Women need a reason to have sex, while Men need just a place’. It’s quite true actually! All the men folks, do you agree? Women folks who are in a relationship, or have been can surely relate to!

Well, it’s pretty true that men aspire to have sex than just cuddle and mingle. Their favourites are sex, beer and some steaks!! You point a man, who doesn’t like these, we bet he isn’t born!

The main role for this is the organ that brings in the pleasure that is ever lasting, so joyful that they make them crave for more, is the Penis, the male genital organ. But, more often this tiny piece is ignored for any under lying complications or problems.

ffc197f846a36938c9a91703802ce342Men are very hesitant in nature when it comes to health. They don’t tend to share, but neglect it as a small thing. Penis problems can’t be neglected like that, oh man! They are vital organs, not just meant for a few seconds job; but many other organs and activities are interlinked.

There is one such problem, which is most commonly seen in men, Erectile Dysfunction or smaller penis syndrome. This was earlier seen in men after prostate surgery or older aged group of men, but now we see in young men too, as young as 35-40 years old.

There are oral medications available for this problem, but they need longer time to be healed completely. Other treatment options include Surgery, and Penis Pumps. Among these two treatments, penis pumps are seen as most effective. Let’s read further to know why:

Penis pumps as the name says, they are pumps which help in enlarging the penis during the activity. Why they are good for you, here it is!

The most effective tool:can you get through a knife around your private part? Though you can bear the pain, the healing process is very long in surgeries.

Penis pumps are very effective compared to any other procedure. With practise and correct usage, they can give you good erection that is sufficient to enjoy your sexual life and satisfy the craving that most of you have.

Lower risks associated: in comparison with other procedures, these pumps have least side-effects or risk factors associated.

Compare the surgery, if you don’t take proper care while healing chances are that it might lead to infections. Further infection creates more trouble than good.

Let’s consider the simple pills; pills taken for longer time have serious side effects on our overall health. So, to actually enjoy sex, with strengthening up the organ can you afford to become weak overall?

Pumps are non-invasive: think of needles at the tip of your penis? Argh, the thought itself is more painful! WeLove-cute-love-romantic-romance-images-of-love-love-wallpaper-kiss-love-kiss-me-lips-beautiful-chiks-sexy-love-funbie- (5) think that it’s really difficult for anyone to withstand the pain of surgery at that place. So, what do you do for erectile problems?

Simply suck in a tube around your penis and start operating it, that’s the job of penis pumps. Totally non-invasive, no injections, no sharp needles nothing. Absolutely safe, no healing time!

Pumps are lower in cost: apart from the purchase initially, penis pumps are extremely cost efficient. They are lesser than pill treatment, way less than the surgeries, and any other treatments.

Penis pumps can be clubbed with other treatments: normally for any other problem, you must rely on one type of solution alone. But with pumps, you have multiple choices to go with, along with your pill treatment; you can use these pumps for a quick and instant erection.

Prostate treatments are regained using pumps:  after the prostate surgery procedure, one can use these pumps without any trouble and get normal erection.

As everything even these pumps have a few drawbacks or limitations to its usage. They are:kiss-couple-romance-touch-feeling-happy-hug-embrace-love-beautiful-camila-lima-anas-ahmed3

  • Unnatural feeling of erection
  • Awkwardness
  • Manual work is required often.

Apart from these, only rare cases experience few potential risks like:

  • Men taking blood thinning medications should avoid this device
  • Sickle cell anaemia or other blood disorders having men should also stop using this device.
  • Numbness or coldness or bluish coloured skin
  • Pain or bruises can be seen
  • Pint point sized red dots on the surface and slight underneath bleeding.
  • Feeling of semen being trapped inside

In spite of few drawbacks, the reviews for its usage are great!